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LS Body Matters Ltd is now delighted to be associated with Emma Sanders, who offers Pilates classes and private sessions in and around the Lichfield area.

Pilates is a low impact exercise programme that strengthens the body, increases mobility and improves posture. Each move is carried out in the correct alignment restoring balance to the body and promoting body awareness.

Classes and private sessions use a variety of small equipment including foam rollers, stability balls, bands, mini balls, Pilates rings, soft weights and massage balls.nMoves can be adapted to suit the needs of each individual client making it suitable for all ages and abilities.

Above all Pilates gets us moving and leaves us feeling energised yet relaxed.

Classes are £6.00 a session payable monthly or £7.00 pay as you go (depending on availability).

Classes run during the day, evening and weekend, all mats and equipment provided.

Private session are £30.00 for an individual which can be arranged in your own home or a suitable venue (for a small charge), you can also train with a partner for £20.00 each.

Emma Sanders
After years of rigorous sports training Emma suffered with constant neck and back pain, worsened by an office based job.

Introduced to Pilates by a Physiotherapist she quickly grew it love it and felt the benefits within months. Improved posture and strength resulted in reduced back and neck pain. Pilates also gave her a greater understanding of how her own body worked and address imbalances within it.